Top 5 Hottest Tattooed Babes

 There are few things I enjoy more  in this world besides pizza and sex, one of those things are bad ass babes with tattoos. Long gone are the days where girls kept their tattoos hidden. In an era where it is hard to spot a woman that doesn’t have tattoos it sure can be difficult to pick and choose which tattooed hotties really stand out.

          Here are my top five favorite inked mamacitas:

   5. Karmen Karma

Of course this list wouldn’t be right without our very own Team Skeet babe , Karmen Karma! Karmen is infamous for being “The deepthroat queen” and her edgy look!

4. Steff Lova

Like many other girls these days Steff Lova seems to have become really popular thanks to Instagram not to mention  shes super hot and  has amazing tattoos! Steff is makeup artist/model and recently teamed up with  MSTKN to start her own clothing line .

3. Angelina Jolie

Doe she really need any introduction?  Angelina will always be one of the hottest tatted babe in my eyes!

2. Arabella Drummond

This hottie from the UK, first made it into the scene in 2008. She’s been in 4  magazine covers and shes been featured in other magazines such as   Nuts, Loaded, Zoo, Boxer and  Penthouse.

1.Christy Mack

Christy Mack……..need I say more?  There really shouldn’t be no questions on why is Mack is the HOTTEST inked up babe  in  my book.

Who are some of your favorite tattooed babes?