Is she Girlfriend Material?

    As a young single guy, I find myself I asking this wayyyyy too much. The rule of thumb is if you have to ask yourself, then she probably isn’t. And while that’s pretty accurate most of the time, there’s always some exceptions and that bad bitch you just can’t decide on.

    So let’s go over some key pointers that help me and hopefully  will help you out  in your decision process….


1) Is she too clingy?


No one likes a robocop keeping tabs on them 24/7. We all need our space to breath and in this day & age of constant connectivity of texting and social media, it’s easy for Clingy McClingertons to come off as regular gals sometimes. So  if she hits you up constantly and needs to know everything you’re up to / you get that weird vibe, then maybe it’s better off not letting it get to girlfriend psycho killer status. You be the judge of what’s too much communication.

2) Does she only flirt with you?

Ever go out with a girl for a couple of drinks and she’s flirting with half the bar she knows? We’ve all been here and that’s an immediate deal breaker in my book and just a sign of what’s to come down the road. Remember, the pre-dating stage is practice for dating just like dating is practice for other things like marriage, etc.

3) How good is the sex?

Is she too freaky? Not freaky enough? These are important things to consider. Personally, I’ll never deduct points from a girl if she’s got that porn star swag going for her and always down to fuck, but I know everyone is different. If the sex isn’t up to your standards now, it probably never will be.

4) Does your team of friends approve of her?

Other people’s opinions don’t matter but if all your homies are telling you she’s bad news, then she probably is. Your team has an amazing ability to see things from a different perspective while you’re looking at life in rosy colored this-pussy-is-awesome-right-now glasses. Sometimes the team knows best…

5) Is there any exes lingering around?

Make sure all her exes are in texas, not in her texts. Nuff said.


Think we missed any or got something to say? Let us know in the comments below!