All You need to Know about Justin Biebers Brazilian Lady.



Say HELLO , to Tatiana  Barbosa! You may recognize Tatiana aka: “Tati” as Justin Biebers brazilian prostitute.Tati is a model and body builder .

The model was allegedly Paid  $500 for her services  and said to have met Justin at a club called  Le Palace.  It has been reported that the 19 year old took ten girls back to his room after a night out where they had their bags and phones confiscated by Bieber’s security team. Tatiana describes the Biebs as a “cutie patootie” and a love of a man.   When asked about the size of his penis , Tatiana said it was “average”. Judging by her pictures this girl is definitely no stranger in front of a camera . Maybe we can recruit her for one of our The Real Work Out  or Oye Loca episodes ?

                        Hey Tatiana, if you ever wanna make a real video Team Skeet has you covered ;) 


What do you guys think about this whole scandal and about Tatiana  ?  Smash or Pass?


I say SMASH!